Board of Directors

Board of Directors of the Friends of Hopkins Center for the Arts

Term: 2 years (maximum 2 consecutive terms)


Board members jointly fulfill the following five roles and responsibilities:


The Trustee holds fiduciary responsibility; has the responsibility of stewardship, seeing the organization’s assets used for the greatest good in serving the mission.


The Sponsor ensures there are adequate resources to support both operations of the nonprofit Friends and programmatic goals of the Center by making a personal financial commitment to the organization and encouraging others to do so; jointly and as individuals, lend their name and reputation in support.


The Advocate works to enhance the organization’s public image; advocates for the broader arts community; acknowledges the benefits of the arts to the community.


The Governor determines the organization’s missions and bylaws and ensures that programs and services address that mission; helps evaluate senior staff person; ensures effective organizational planning; sets policy.


The participants attend activities and events; contributes time to serve the organization.


The following commitments are required by the board members.

  • Actively demonstrates commitment to the organization, the arts and to the community
  • Commits an average of 6 hours per month
  • Joins the membership program and contributes to the annual campaign
  • Misses no more than 3 regularly scheduled monthly meetings each year
  • Serves on at least one committee