Member Artist Spotlight

Friends’ members are eligible to apply for a Member Spotlight which is displayed on the east wall of the first floor lobby.

Showcases run for four weeks. We generally book 9 to 12 months out. 


A Spencer.Tarotfinal

Angela Spencer

HCA Member Artist Spotlight at Hopkins Center for the Arts 

September 13 - October 10, 2022

Poetry Reading & Reception: September 17, Reception 5- 7 PM, Poetry Reading 5 - 6 PM

I began this ongoing series of Tarot cards when I started to research Tarot and its origins. I am fascinated with the different interpretations of the main elements and characteristics each card or character holds. 

I started drawing while sitting my shifts at a local art gallery. It started as a time filler and transformed into a really fun project. I learned about each card and decided to paint each in my own style and post the image for my sister to identify. She knew them all which helped my interest in the project.  It became a challenge to keep them fresh while adding my own flavor to each card. I hope you enjoy the paintings as much as I have enjoyed making them. 

Paul Riemer 

HCA Member Artist Spotlight at Hopkins Center for the Arts, Display Cases

 Oh-oh, about me?   Paul Reimer, Born 8/26/56 at St. Mary’s in Minneapolis.  Moved to Minnetonka in 1959, and went to Hopkins Schools.  I started doing artsy things in 2012 when I made a necklace for a good friend with guitar string, beads, magnet, and a guitar pick.  Moved on to Dream Catchers with a personalized touch such as a star constellation put right on the webbing for the individual to whom it was for.  I quit smoking after 48 years, yuck, atta boy.  Along with hats, belts, and wrist bands out of leather as well.  Moving on to issues with my knees, started making walking sticks and canes.  My mom died in 2015.  I wanted to do something in her memory so I painted her urn with flowers around it in oil on canvas.  In 2017 I started painting with acrylics and tutorials on YouTube.  It was so therapeutic that I’ve painted about 67 works on canvas, rocks, paper, a body, wood, leather, plastic, fabric, and more.   Became a member of the Hopkins Center for the Arts in 2018, I’m now making the guitars you see here.    PEACE TO ALL.  


Betty Ann Wiens, 

HCA Member Artist Spotlight at the Hopkins Activity Center, 33-14th Avenue N

 When I began painting about 30 years ago, I began with watercolor. Several years later, in an effort to loosen up my work, I turned to oils and acrylics. For the most part I am a realistic painter. You usually know what it is you are looking at, but I am not a photo realistic painter. I am not a painter of my inner self, but rather of things, places and people I observe. Over the years I have painted a variety of subjects. I am particularly drawn to nature - flowers, gardens, grasses, lakes, etc. I have done paintings of my own gardens as well as others. Northern Minnesota has been a subject of some of my work as we had a cabin up north for many years. I have also done paintings based on my travels. After a trip to Vietnam I did a series of 7 paintings based on our trip, all of them with people. I often work in a series format. Shapes and color attract me.

I have a painting studio in the lower level of my home and very much enjoy the time I spend there. I continue to take weekly classes. I find being in the company of other artists to be inspiring and stimulating. I love expressing myself with form and color.

Mary Holmgren

HCA Member Spotlight Artist at Cream & Amber, 1605 Mainstreet  

I am a watercolor and mixed media painter living and working in Annandale, Minnesota. I have art degrees from Bemidji State University (B.S.) and the University of Minnesota (M.Ed). I have shown my work locally and regionally in exhibitions, competitions, galleries, and studio sales since the early 1980’s. During that time, I also worked as an art educator with children and adults of all ages in public schools, local and regional art centers, and area community colleges. I retired from teaching in 2015 after 23 years teaching art in the Orono, MN school district.  

Watercolor is my primary medium, but my ideas and methods are non-traditional. My initial watercolor paintings were traditional representational landscapes, but I soon began stretching this idea, sometimes incorporating mixed media and collage, semi-abstraction and total abstraction. I like to work in series, exploring ideas in a variety of ways, often joining previous ideas with new insights and explorations. Recent paintings are abstractions inspired by rhythms in water, jazz music, and trees, as well as revisits of previous landscape themes. 

Ken Herren

HCA Member Artist Spotlight at Olio CoWorking, 915 Mainstreet

Born in Montana and raised in California, Ken Herren’s early artistic influences came from his mother who stressed the importance of “good penmanship.” She also immersed him in the subtle art of music appreciation that continues to be an ongoing passion and integral part of his creative process.

Encouraged to direct his energies towards the applied sciences, Ken joined the Navy as a hospital corpsman and subsequently became a registered nurse within the San Francisco bay area. As a young adult, living amongst a vibrant urban scene, Ken’s music appreciation was fostered further with the attendance at numerous stadium concerts. The dynamic performances and their ability to create a visceral experience through sound and fantastic light shows serve as a newly recognized, but strong influence in Ken’s exciting and often unexpected use of color.

Retiring from nursing and moving to Minnesota, Ken’s interest in the visual arts was unquenchable. Ken worked as a cabinet maker and art supply salesman and perfected his skills as a Master Picture Framer over the last two decades. Ken’s own visual art career was destined for nothing more than refinement and personal exploration, including linoleum block mono prints, landscape painting and his current body of abstract expressionism.

Olio CoWorking exhibitions are a collaboration between Hopkins Center for the Arts and Blank Canvas. Blank Canvas students aid in the exhibition installation as part of an internship program. 


JW Green Artery Member Spotlight


HCA Member Spotlight Artist on The Artery, 8th Avenue South, between Mainstreet and Excelsior Blvd.

"A few years before retirement from a 45 year career in advertising and marketing I began to do what I wanted to do “when I grow up” with my BFA and started "exercising" an hour or two per night." 

"Beginning with freehand abstract ink drawings I moved to abstract geometric and semi-realistic acrylic paintings like these portraits. I have evolved more toward realism, but still view my work as an exercise that continues to change and grow." 

"I want to thank the Hopkins Center for the Arts for this opportunity. HCA is a great venue and valuable asset for the community. I encourage you help keep the arts alive and well by considering joining the Friends of HCA."

Krause Morries 2v2

Cheryl Krause

HCA Member Spotlight Artist at Morrie's Minnetonka Subaru

"My work is non-objective/abstract, structured with lines, forms, and colors without reference to anything worldly.  It is the process, not reality, that moves me, and I enjoy getting lost in it. When addressing a blank canvas I begin by making marks with black paint.  This process frees my mind and spirit as I then respond to the marks or forms on the canvas. I continue this interplay between what I’ve done and my response by intuitively adding color. There is a point when a struggle between myself and the canvas brews. This becomes the challenge. I question the painting in front of me. Where is this going? What do I see or feel? What is the visual impact?  I continue to question as I move forward by adding or taking away colors, shapes or marks until the painting finally reveals itself."

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