Annual Giving

Thank you to all our patrons who make annual gifts in support of the Hopkins Center for the Arts. You keep our doors open and the place buzzing!Hopkins Center for the Arts Building

How Annual Gifts Help

Annual gifts by individuals help us meet our operating expenses - for example they help us pay the electrical bill (which is substantial in a theater), provide funds for concert musicians, maintain our galleries and other spaces, and underwrite tickets for students. Thus, they provide a vital and flexible revenue stream that is not addressed through project grants or corporate sponsorships / gifts. They are our “bread and butter” as the saying goes.


Memberships in the Friends of Hopkins Center for the Arts are a popular way to make renewable annual gifts to the Center. However, some of our patrons are not interested in membership benefits and choose to simply make a gift each year outside of our membership program. And, some choose to make an additional donation on top of their membership such as a year-end gift. We appreciate your annual support no matter how you choose to give.

Our Pledge

In turn, we pledge to use each dollar wisely and to continue to play a pivotal role in the cultural, educational and social life of our community. In 2015 the Center reached the milestone of over 3 million people through its doors. With your help, we will be able to serve more people in more ways over the coming years.

Donate today.