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January 13 - February 24, 2024

Arts North_29 Logo

Arts North International 29

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, January 13, 6 - 8 PM

In its 29th year, this highly competitive international juried exhibition showcases work by artists throughout the United States and from around the world. There is a wide range of mediums represented including acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings, sculptures, fiber and textiles, ceramics, photographs, and more.

February 29 - March 30, 2024

Erik Jon Olson "UNnatural"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 29, 6 - 8 PM

Erik Jon Olson's unnatural medium is quilted plastic waste, which he uses to create art addressing effects of consumerism, mass consumption, and unfettered capitalism. His work examines the unnatural effects of human activity on catastrophic natural events and nature as a whole.

Olson meltdown
Bebeau 2.RingSongs

Loretta Bebeau "What Comes Around"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 29, 6 - 8 PM

Loretta Bebeau's abstract, conceptual artwork has evolved over 30 years. This exhibition features paintings, drawings, and collages spanning from her early work to her current practice. A recurring theme is the importance of "health" across human cultures, as well as her own personal challenge of hearing loss.

James Burpee "Nature and Human Nature"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 29, 6 - 8 PM

This exhibition is a retrospective of James Burpee's work from the 1960s to today. It features social commentary, allegory, and personal experience to intimate nature images of serene and lyrical places. Burpee paints with vitality, accurate observation, improvisation, luminosity, and order.

J Burpee Escape 32x381992
J Burpee Poetry of the Creek 30x36 2017

April 6 - May 12, 2024

Spring Members' Nonjuried Exhibition

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, April 6, 4 - 6 PM

Annual spring show of work by Friends of the Hopkins Center for the Arts Member Artists. All members are eligible to show 1 to 2 pieces of work in this show. For more information on membership, visit: Become a Member

  • March 1 - 26: Online registration to participate in the show (Required)
  • April 2, 1 - 7 PM: Artwork Drop-off (for work that has been pre-registered)

May 16 - June 15, 2024

Dennis Kalow & Kathy Snow Stratton "Unexpected Ends"

  • Opening reception: Thursday, May 16, 6-8pm

Each of sculptor Dennis Kalow’s works is a message in itself, its own story, independent of literal or historic reference. While his subject matter generally evolves from an experience, it is, first and foremost, form, line, color, and texture juxtaposed in novel ways. Kalow seeks results that intrigue, fascinate, or exemplify beauty in ways that are relative to his life. 

Kathy Snow Stratton’s paintings explore the spaces between the empty and full, the micro to macro, the now and then and darkness into light. Her process utilizes self-imposed limitations that she finds maximize possibilities rather than constrain them.  Densely unified layers of paint result in optically charged, harmonious all-over fields that represent a union of ‘in between’ spaces.  

Kalow Dennis
K Snow Stratton

Nick Gadbois "Midwest Americana"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 6 - 8 pm

Contemporary painter Nick Gadbois’ landscape work examines the offbeat, quirky, and playful side of the American spirit. He paints scenes from real life that appear surreal, amplifying the drama with a bold, saturated palette.  Through his chosen subjects in this series, what he calls ‘American oddities’, Gadbois celebrates a uniquely American creative inventiveness and a Heartland to which he is deeply attracted.

02 Gadbois Northern

Catherine Lange & Michael L. Ruth  "Same Location, Multiple Perspectives"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 6 - 8 pm

In 2021 and 2022 photographers Catherine Lange and Michael L. Ruth captured images of water and woods in the same Midwestern locations but from their own unique perspectives. Using multiple time-lapse and long-exposure images, Ruth aims for photographs that aren’t ‘your standard snapshot of a river’ while Lange’s photos of still lifes in nature are meant to ‘create a sense of dreamlike perception.’  

03 Lange Catherine
Submission 1440 MR Image12

June 20 - July 27, 2024

04 Jeremy Jones 2

Jeremy Jones "Your Heart is Bigger than a Giant’s Head"

  • Opening reception: Thursday, June 20, 6 - 8 pm

Jeremy Jones’ work investigates the varied spaces of parenthood and seeks to enshrine the everyday moments of child rearing.   As a parent/artist immersed in the trenches of helping to raise two young children, he finds the fleeting transformations of a child’s growth and development are both magical and bittersweet.   Jones creates toy-like sculptures and assemblages that utilize clay, mixed media, found objects and digital technologies to physically and mentally preserve those moments that you can’t get back.

Interfaith Artist Circle "Hope and Healing in Pandemic Times"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, June 20, 6 - 8 pm 

The Interfaith Artist Circle of the Twin Cities is nineteen visual artists pursuing art as a spiritual journey.  In this exhibition the artists aim to present a dialogue about life and hope, now and for the future.

The Circle artists create art reflecting on spiritual themes including prayer, the soul, mysticism, creation, and mortality.  At the launch of each art theme, members study with religious and secular scholars whose teachings inspire the resulting artworks.

05 Interfaith 1
05 Interfaith 3
05 Interfaith 2

August 1 - September 7, 2024

Emilie Bouvier "Held Within"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, August 1, 6 - 8 pm 

As a photographer, Emilie Bouvier’s work is fueled by the physicality of historic photographic methods – utilizing its processes and incorporating unusual materials. This practice draws her to the edges of what constitutes a photographic image, bridging traditional film photography with sculpture, printmaking, and digital tools. This exhibition showcases the physicality and mystery of photographic image-making, inviting the viewer into a contemplative journey.

06 Bouvier03
07 Kazachenko

Ekaterina Kazachenko "DAYDREAMLIKE"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, August 1, 6 - 8 pm 

Ekaterina Kazachenko’s current work examines the mystical, magical, and mysterious alternative world of childhood.  Balancing motherhood and her art practice, she reconnects with her own childlike wonder and imagination. In doing so, she discovers new ways of navigating through the ungrounded by seeing the magic in things.

Angel Wagner "Tigers & Rabbits"

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, August 1, 6 - 8 pm

Minneapolis painter Angel Wagner specializes in portraiture, symbolism, and painting women from the female gaze.  Her art, informed by her experiences from fifteen years as a licensed counselor, focuses on self-healing and the heroine in us all.  An intuitive painter, Wagner explores themes of equality, trauma, sexism, strength, and transformation in surreal imagery full of personal symbols.

08 Wagner 2 copy