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2020 Members Nonjuried Exhibition

Spring Members' Nonjuried Exhibition

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  • March 26 - May 8, 2021

Annual spring show of work by Friends of the Hopkins Center for the Arts member artists. For information about submitting work to this show, please visit Spring Member Show. Not yet a member? Find out about membership and all of the benefits at become a member.

Spring Members' Nonjuried Exhibition Awards Presentation

Thank you to our Awards Jurors, Joan Porter Einsman and Shawn McNulty, and to all the Member Artists who are participating in the show.

Member Artist Moments

Member Artists talk about their work and other works in the show that they like

April Malphurs, 'Refraction: Capturing Joy Through Glass'

Display Cases

May 13 - June 19, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 13, 6 - 8pm

My work is whimsical, capturing my enthusiasm for life and a playfulness inspired from my years of work with children. I use bold colors, patterns and textures to create a feeling of joy in my work.  Much of my work is non-representational with inspiration coming from the forms, colors or patterns of the beads or blown bases. Once the initial idea occurs to me, I work to create a feeling of harmony between the beads and base. I watched glass blowing from a young age, but my interest in light and shadow in sculpture is what eventually lead me to the medium.  Since I approach my work primarily from the vantage point of a sculptor, assembling the pieces together using flexible wire armatures, my work has an illusion of movement or a “bounciness” that adds to the joyous mood of the work.  The parts represent the beauty of diversity and individuality in each of us making up the world as a whole.

Malphurs Glass Sculpture
Khan 2021 promo 2

Fawzia Khan, 'Becoming Visible'

Redepenning Gallery

May 13 - June 19, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 13, 6 - 8pm

I am a practicing artist who has embraced art as a second career. A Pakistani-American born in Nigeria, I became a U.S. citizen at age 18. Like many child immigrants, I feel I have a foot in more than one culture but do not wholly belong to any. I grew up with certain expectations of my role as a daughter, wife, and mother. Identity, gender roles, veils and barriers are themes that run through my art.

I have made several works about the burka and niqab, the robes and face veils that some Muslim women wear. Covering a woman’s face makes her anonymous and invisible. Patriarchy is less obvious in western society, but exists nonetheless. For example, in Minnesota we still have not ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. Even though western women may not wear the niqab, their accomplishments are still undervalued.

I am the fortunate recipient of a 2020 Minnesota Artist Initiative Grant. I am looking for a venue to exhibit my finished work. For this installation, I plan to select 40 Minnesotan women (including transwomen and nonbinary individuals) from various walks of life, from the original inhabitants to our newest immigrants and interview them about what they consider their accomplishments to be. I will take photos of them and embroider images of their eyes on flour sack dishtowels, a symbol of traditional gender roles, and a reference to the niqab. I will use embroidery as a metaphor for the laborious nature of unacknowledged “women’s work.” The work will be hung at eye level around a room so that upon entering, the viewer becomes “the viewed.” With this relationship reversal, the women become visible. The installation will also incorporate the contributions of these women to Minnesota. The work will allow audiences to see the strengths and contributions of these women to Minnesota and acknowledge the many roles women play today.

Contemporary Realism: Work from the Atelier

Lobby Gallery, first floor

ATELIER c mitzuk water elemental 16x20 oil painting - photograph 6x8 300 ppi
ATELIER Laura Tunde.The Scholar oil
ATELIER Andy Sjodin. And Water.

May 13 - June 19, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 13, 6 - 8pm

This exhibition presents current works from the directors, staff, and students, as well as historical work by R. H. Ives Gammell and Richard F. Lack.  The original Atelier, founded by Richard Lack in 1970, has based its aesthetic philosophy on a direct lineage to the Boston school of American Impressionists and the French Academy. The Atelier, directed by Cyd Wicker and assistant Laura Tundel, closely follows these original precepts offering students an opportunity to master the fundamental principles in the classical discipline of realistic drawing and painting.

Byrne James Catalina

James Byrne, 'New Works'

Lobby Gallery, second floor

May 13 - June 19, 2021

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 13, 6 - 8pm

Artist Statement: I use digital means to layer and combine images from drawing, photography and painting to create my composite collages.  I’m most excited when I’m surprised by what I’ve made - the image stuns me for a second.  For me, art is all about discovery and sharing.


While his previous work has spanned video art and narrative filmmaking, James Byrne is now focused on creating two dimensional composite images on canvas, paper, and projected.  He is very pleased to have his first solo exhibition of these new works at Hopkins Center for the Arts.  Recent group shows of this new work include Divulgarti, Genoa, Italy; PACE Center Gallery, Denver; Vine Arts Center, Minneapolis; Jimmy Wilson Gallery, Minneapolis; and D’art Gallery, Denver.  

His video art has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe including Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco; and National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, Poland. His work is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Walker Art Center, Minneapolis.   His short films have screened nationally as well as at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival. 

Byrne lives in St. Paul and graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in Elected Studies. He earned an MFA in Video Art from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.