Artery Display Cases

BACKGROUND: The Artery, a bike, pedestrian and vehicle connection and community space on 8th Avenue South between the future Downtown Hopkins Light Rail Transit station and the City's historic downtown, opened in 2018 and has several pieces of permanent art. The Artery cases were designed to hold two dimensional and possibly some three dimensional artwork. The intent of the cases are to showcase local and regional artists while adding interest to the public spaces.


  • Artwork does not need to be original works. Artwork displayed in the cases should be able to withstand both sunlight and moisture. The cases do have a lock but because there has not been a long history of using the cases, artwork should not have a high monetary value and the artist must sign a waiver releasing the City of Hopkins from any liability due to exposure, damage or theft.
  • The purpose of the art in the cases is to engage the passerby. The art can take many forms and serve a variety of roles. It can be visually stimulating, thought provoking or humorous. Artists are encouraged to think about how art can be interactive, perhaps by using social media.
  • There is an interest in experimenting with different art forms including two-dimensional, written word, and sculpture.
  • The intent is not to use the cases for advertising. However, acknowledgement of the artist including the address of their studio or gallery is appropriate. No vulgar or sexually-explicit content will be accepted as the audience will be the general public including young children.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Applications to have your artwork displayed in the Artery cases will be accepted on an ongoing basis. To be considered, please complete the online application. If you prefer, you may also print the application and email to

Selected artwork will be on display for approximately 30 days. This may be adjusted if mutually agreed upon by Hopkins Center for the Arts and the artist.

2019 will be a year of experimentation. The intent will be to allow different artists the ability to use the cases while we learn what the parameters are for display and what forms of art are best suited for our goals. Based on what we learn during this experimental period, guidelines for use will be amended as needed.

Online Application

Printable Form The Artery Cases Application.