Member Artist Spotlight

Friends’ members are eligible to apply for a Member Spotlight which is displayed on the east wall of the first floor lobby.

Showcases run for four weeks. We generally book 9 to 12 months out. 


M Cater Member Spotlight

Maureen Cater

member artist, on view through May 23, 2021

Artist Statement:

Teaching art to young people for 33 years was very rewarding. It allowed me to work in a variety of media, my favorite of which was any kind of paint. Teaching and raising a family left me little time to pursue my passion for painting in oil. Now I am able to work in this special medium almost every day. 

When the weather cooperates, I pack up my plein air easel and head outdoors; or I may paint indoors from life, or from my own photographs.  Painting plein air has taught me to be a better observer of contrasts –in color, light, values and texture.  I love color and am drawn to create something that makes me, and hopefully others, feel good when they view my work. Painting for me is pure joy. Any day I can paint is a good day.


Chris Walton

Works by Member Artist, Chris Walton, are currently on view and for sale at Cream & Amber.

Cream & Amber, located at 1605 Mainstreet in Hopkins, partners with Hopkins Center for the Arts by showcasing member artists work. Stop by Tuesday - Saturday between 9am - 6pm or Sundays from 9am - 1pm and to enjoy their offerings of books, beer and coffee.

More at Cream & Amber

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